I was born on July 23, 1986 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and have lived in three provinces since then: Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario.

Since 2005, I’ve lived in Toronto, Ontario. It’s the best place to be if you’re into seeing concerts or professional sports in a live setting. Not only does virtually everything take place within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but we’re also close enough to Quebec, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, etc. to attend sports/shows there too.

It was always my dream to live in Chicago, and I had set a goal to live there by the age of 27. While I do love the city, the limited prospects of finding secure employment and the lack of free health care were significant enough concerns to deter me from this goal. Since 2010, I have visited the city over 10 times for various concerts and sporting events.

Some may say that I attend too many events, and would be better served to save my money. While I certainly see some merits behind this mindset, I know firsthand that life can be too short, and you have to live for the moment.